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Olympique Marseille | Om Stream

Olympique Marseille | Om Stream

Olimpique Marseille OM Streaming

Olimpique de Marseille, better known as Marseille or simply OM, is a professional football club from France, Marseille. The football club is playing in Ligue 1.

Olimpique de Marseille managed to win the European Champions Ligue in 1993, having defeated AC Milan with a score of 1-0. This way, the French football club from Marseille became the first and only French team that has ever won the UEFA Champions League.

Olimpique de Marseille has spent most of its existence playing Ligue 1, the first football league in France. The team managed to win the Ligue 1 prize 9 times. In 1994, Olimpique de Marseille was retrograded from the first football league because of a corruption scandal. In 2010 the club managed to win the internal football championship again.

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