Usa - NFL - Play Offs

Usa - NFL - Play Offs

How to Watch Monday Night Football

Religiously watching the NFL every weekend is one of the most American things one could possibly think of. Regardless of whether you consider that a good thing or not, you've come across this article, which means that you're probably an NFL fan looking to find a new way to watch Monday Night Football.

While most of the NFL matches are being played over the weekends, there simply aren't enough time slots to fit them all into a two-day schedule. The networks would have to choose which games to broadcast and which ones to leave out of the weekend TV schedule, and this could lead to some serious uproars among fans of the teams that were omitted.

When it comes to watching football, Monday night isn't exactly the most convenient time to schedule a game, but on the other hand, die-hard fans of each respective team will surely be able to find the time to focus on a football game at 8: 15 pm on Monday night. The Football League tries their best every season to make the scheduling as fair as possible for both the teams and their fans, and so it isn't likely that your favorite team is going to be sentenced to the Monday night football slot week in week out. Of course, it's impossible to avoid having some teams play on Mondays more than once, meaning that some supporters will have to stay up late more frequently than others (looking at you, Chicago Bears fans!).

Regardless of whether you're looking for alternatives to your current method of watching games, or want to stream Monday Night Football for the very first time next week, you're going to find everything you need (and more) in this article!

Two NFL teams at the start of the game

Where to Watch Monday Night Football

There are many ways in which you can comfortably view football games on Monday night. The most obvious and straightforward one is probably watching the matches on network television, with the help of a sports channel. In the NFL's case, that channel would be ESPN. Watching Mon. Night Football via cable or satellite TV is probably the most hassle-free way of doing so, but there are quite a few disadvantages to this solution.

First of all, you're not given the choice of commentary options. Sure, you can simply turn it off and put on some music or have a conversation with your friends, if you're watching the match in the company of others. Some people, however, want to only hear the crowd or don't like a particular pair of commentators and would like to choose another option. With network TV, you're stuck with whatever channel package you've paid for, and more often than not, if you want to have that choice, you're going to need to pay even more.

Secondly, sports channels have an annoying tendency to run advertisements even during matches, not only at half times and intermissions. There is virtually no way to avoid that if you're watching via satellite or cable. With the exception of the Superbowl, when the ads are part of the show itself, most of the season they're annoying and repetitive, which may bother some viewers.

Finally, putting Monday Night Football aside, there are times when two or more games are being played at the same time. Cable TV providers tend to favor the ones that generate more interest and opt-out of broadcasting the match you care about on that particular day. Of course, there are pay-per-view channels that they'll gladly unlock for you at an additional fee, but spending extra cash on a weekly basis just to watch the games you want to see is hardly a satisfactory solution.

Two American Football NFL Balls

The Advantages of Streaming Over Network Television

Thankfully, we live in the 21st century, the era of omnipresent Internet connections and on-demand video content that can be viewed from any place on Earth. This includes live shows and sporting events, as well. Nowadays, you can watch your favorite teams battle it out on the field without worrying about hidden fees and troublesome ads popping out when they're least expected.

There are plenty of online platforms that allow you to stream Monday Night Football in Full HD, with the efficiency of regular live TV. Even those cable providers who offer such limited services to their paying cable and satellite clients have broken into the live streaming market with premium apps and websites allowing football fans to view any game they want, as long as they've paid a hefty monthly subscription fee. Perhaps unsurprisingly, given the superiority of streaming technology over TV broadcasting, not only in terms of image quality and viewing comfort but also when it comes to more lucrative and less invasive means of generating advertisement revenue.

Convenience and Freedom of Choice

Even though sports broadcasting giants such as ESPN do offer quality streaming services, they often do so at a lofty price. However, contrary to the world of television, streaming platforms don't end on the industry-backed options. There are dozens, if not hundreds of other, free live stream services where you can watch Monday Night Football, weekend NFL games, and plenty of other sporting events, as well.

One of such services is Joker Live Stream. Not only do we provide you with Monday Night Football and other NFL streams completely free of charge, but we also have multiple other sports on offer. Most events have multiple links you can follow, so if you're not satisfied with the quality of a particular stream or you don't like the commentators, it is more than likely that you'll find another one in a matter of seconds. The free streams on Joker Live Stream are more than enough for you to enjoy your favorite sporting events, but if you're after a more refined experience or want to support the service, you can opt to subscribe to the JokerHD Pass. At a small monthly fee, you'll unlock Full HD Monday Night Football and other sports streams, ad-free and 100% stable (provided that your internet connection is stable, as well).

Non-Invasive Ads

TV advertisers don't really have a choice -- they have to interrupt live TV transmissions or cover up part of the screen during games in order for people to see them. Ads on online streaming websites don't have to distract you from the game -- they usually purchase slots around the video box or come up as pop-ups before the match stream begins, never to bother you again after you close them with one simple click.

Watch From Anywhere

Joker Live Stream, just like most of the network streaming services, is compatible with modern smartphones running Android and iOS operating systems. All you've got to do is download the application, or run the streams straight from your phone's browser. Working overtime on Monday night and worried you won't make it back for the 8: 15 kickoff? With mobile streaming, you won't have to face that problem ever again -- simply open up the Joker Live Stream app and enjoy an uninterrupted transmission on your commute or in the office!

One Package = All of the Football

A common network TV practice is only showing part of the scheduled fixtures on their main sporting channel and placing the rest of the matches behind a paywall. It means that if you're unlucky and your team's game did not get selected for open (but still quite costly) broadcasting, you're going to have to splash additional cash to access the premium channels where your team's efforts are being broadcasted.

At Joker Live Stream, regardless of whether you're using the free options or have chosen to pay for the JokerHD Pass, you won't have to worry about hidden fees for the ability to watch the less popular games of any given weekend. It's all out there in the open, and you, as the viewer, decide what to watch and how to watch it.

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The Bottom Line

Gone are the days of rushing back home to make it for the start of Monday Night Football at 8: 15. With the rise of streaming technologies and the rapid development of high-speed internet infrastructure, you will never have to miss a match or worry about setting the VCR to record the start of the game before you leave for work.

If you wondered how to watch Monday Night Football without subjecting yourself to the limitations of cable TV broadcasting, we hope that this guide has eradicated all of the doubts you may have had about online streaming platforms and their advantages.

Monday Night Football is exciting and fun -- it provides you with a healthy dose of escapism at the end of a workday, a tiny bit of the weekend right at the start of the week, so to speak. Don't waste that precious time on annoying ads, paying for PPV channels, or watching a game you wouldn't choose to watch just because you don't want to spend the extra dough on one football match. Switch to online football streaming and enjoy uninterrupted, Full HD transmissions without worrying about hidden fees and pesky advertisers ever again!